Garnet is a semi-precious stone whose natural properties make it the most efficient abrasive for many industrial applications. The end uses of MA industrial garnet are abrasive sand blasting media, water jet abrasives, abrasive grains, filtration media, precision abrasive powder and other miscellaneous abrasive uses, ranging from nonskid surfaces to finishing of plastic and wood products.

Major areas of apllication are:
Sand Blasting
Waterjet Cutting
Abrasive Grains
Filtering Media

Sand Blasting
Cost Effective- MA garnet-harder and heavier than other blast abrasives reduces abrasive consumption, is recyclable up to 5 times or more without losing its superior cutting ability thus leading to significant savings in overall spending.
Low Dust Levels- Its inherent toughness and rapid settling due to high specific gravity leads to significantly lower dust emissions in blast cleaning leading to minimum disruption and danger to adjoining operations, improved operator visibility and reduced cleanup costs.
Health and Safety- MA garnet is an inert natural mineral that poses no health or environmental risks. All MA garnet products contain less than 0.3% free silica.
Superior Surface Preparation - MA garnet abrasives due to their ability to reach deep into the cavities to the bare metal surface provide a uniform surface profile that is virtually free of embedment and rogue peaks and troughs providing improved coating adhesion and coating life.

Waterjet Cutting
MA garnets provide the greatest versatility for a wide variety of applications, one of them being the waterjet application.
Superior Abrasive Traits- MA garnet grains have a unique structure that causes them to fracture along crystal cleavage lines. This fracturing produces the very sharp edges that enable our garnet to outperform other waterjet abrasives. The toughest, most aggressive precision waterjet abrasive available.
Faster Cutting- The sharper, more angular edged hard rock grains cut faster than other waterjet abrasives and are used for net shape cutting applications to eliminate secondary finishing in industries like job shops, glass cutting and aerospace.
Better Edge Quality- MA waterjet abrasives produce a better edge quality and can be used in demanding applications where other waterjet abrasives fall short. It can cut net-shape or near-net-shape parts and no secondary processing is required in many applications.
Cleaner (Less Dust)- MA waterjet abrasives have high garnet purity and very low dust levels. This translates to les s downtime due to clogged nozzles or erratic abrasive feed and therefore a more cost-efficient operation. A cleaner abrasive also results in a cleaner waste product with out affecting the environment.
Omni-directional cutting- MA waterjet abrasives have the ability to cut in any direction on virtually any material; steel, aluminum, glass, ceramics, laminates, composites and other brittle materials.
Accuracy- High cutting accuracy is achieved with MA waterjet abrasives without leaving any frayed edges or burrs. This produces excellent edge quality, which in many cases eliminates the need for secondary finishing processes.

Abrasive Grains
MA Garnet abrasive grains support a full line of bonded and coated abrasive products for surface conditioning of metals, wood and most synthetic surfaces. These abrasive products are available in sheets, rolls, belts, discs, wheels and brushes and can be used for almost any dimensioning, grinding, sanding, finishing or surface conditioning application.

MA's coarse garnet grains are proficient for grinding and grating metals and for the removal of heavy layer of paints, enamel or varnish from relatively rough surfaces. The medium sized grains are used for grinding soft metals and for stripping off light stock from wood. They also find their use in many a surface preparation application for painting and for slip-resistant surfacing. The fine and very fine grains carry this process the rest of the way for a perfect finish, removing sanding scratches.


Filtering Media
MA's Almandite garnet is a naturally hard, durable, chemically inert non-metallic mineral. Garnet, a natural medium, is often used as part of the lower filtration layers of a multi-bed down-flow filtration system called Multi-Media. This kind of filtration system is used for water and wastewater treatment to remove suspended materials, to make the water useful for essential applications in many industries.

Garnet has a high specific gravity. This allows for unique filter designs and lends more control during backwash resulting in lower losses hading for the drains. The angular shape provides for its superior filtration ability and makes it a convenient and ideal choice for many a water treatment applications. Its repeatability and recyclability makes it a more durable medium resulting in relatively longer production runs as compared to conventional water treatment medium.

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