Copper - Application
Copper slag is an abrasive blasting grit made of granulated slag from metal smelting processes (also called iron silicate). It is an inert and environmentally friendly media for surface preparation that produces a clean surface for coating adhesion and it can be recycled.

Aircraft Paint Removal
Removes most types of paint from typical aircraft substrates, while leaving anodized and alclad surfaces inact. Is employed on a wide variety of off-aircraft components - resulting in significant savings over chemicals.

Bottom paint stripping for aluminum, fiberglass, and dense hardwood hulls. Rapid removal of dried barnacles. Clean brass oxides and other coatings. Detects and exposes blisters on fiberglass hulls.

Burr Removal
Removes light burrs from components while maintaining integrity of finished part.

Clear Epoxy Optical Sensors
The only media capable of removing resin bleed without opaquing surface. Eliminates individual time-consuming masking requirements.

Composite Structures
Can strip paint and surface coatings from fiberglass, carbon-graphite, epoxy, and other resin rich components without bloom or fiber damage.

Die Casting
Removes light flash from cast components without affecting critical surface dimensions.

Electronics Deflashing
Used both in dry and wet blast to remove flash from electronic components and for surface preparation on PCB's.

Encapsulated Electronic Parts
Will not damage delicate parts or mar surfaces. Leaves product surface smear free, ready for identification printing or soldering.

Surface Preparation
Etching circuit boards before printing. Pre-laminate roughening. Prepaint surface prep on plastics.

Ground Vehicle Paint Removal
Paint is readily removed from auto, truck, railcar, and bus bodies.

Mold Cleaning
Readily cleans molds used in rubber, plastic, glass, and die cast molding without affecting surface dimensions. Edges are not radiused, mold life is prolonged, cracks in molds are not smeared over, and flash on parts is reduced.

Paint Rejects
It can be substituted for chemical stripping. In many applications, major time savings can be realized. Effective on most paint systems including powder coating.

Engine Components
Carbon deposits and paint can be easily dry stripped with no wear to critical mechanical dimensions, including aluminum parts.


Plastic Molded Parts
Effectively removes flash from parting lines on thermoset plastic parts. Removes surface anomalies without damage to the part.

Surface Sealants
Tenacious sealants and adhesives can be safely removed without damage to the substrate.

Lead Frames
Prepares lead for easier and more uniform tinning and coating procedures. Removes resin bleed without impinging surface.

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